An excerpt from my documentary "Jacques Cousteau's Legacy" - which is the most dangerous fish we encountered during the shooting? Spoiler ahead - it's not the sharks.

The lionfish is a notorious predator in the Atlantic Ocean: Highly successful in hunting and reproducing. But it doesn't belong there, therefore it is considered one of the biggest threats to the aquatic ecosystem. With spectacular footage, our documentary shows the reasons for it's success, how it travelled from the Pacific to the Atlantic and if there are any ways to stop it.

We filmed in the Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, the USA and Cuba


Over a period of 2 years we filmed a short, mainly un-known river in Germany. Although it's not as spectcular as the Amazon or the Nile, viewers will be surprised about the abundance of wildlife we discovered on the banks of the Lippe river.

This excerpt from my documentary "Adopted by Dolphins" shows, for the first time ever (years before Blue Planet 2!), how wild dolphins use medical substances contained in certain soft corals. While filming the documentary, the dolphins allowed us to accompany them in the middle of their pods as if we were dolphins. 

What happens when a thousand years old village was built above desired resources? Total destruction, even in a civilized country like Germany.